How do I know how many gallons my septic tank holds? For a 1-3 bedroom house, it is approximately 1000 gallons. For a 4-5 bedroom house, it is 1200-1500 gallons. For home larger and above and for commercial properties, it will vary upon the design.
What kind of septic systems are there for residential homeowners? Most common residential septic systems consist of a septic tank and a leach field (disposal field). Another common type of residential septic system is a septic tank and seepage tank(s). Depending on the area you live in, you may find high-mound systems, treatment systems or Pinelands systems. Lastly, if your house is older than 20 years, you may find a cesspool. These systems are now considered obsolete.
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Is it good or helpful to put an additive in my septic system? Yes, depending on the use of the system. However, you need to be careful when using commercialized treatments as they tend to hurt more than help.
What is a non-commercialized treatment? A specifically designed enzyme and bacteria mixture that can be obtained locally because it's tailored to the septic system and its usage.
How will a sprinkler system affect my septic system? Sprinkler systems can affect your septic system if they are not properly managed and maintained. If a sprinkler line is broken over or around your leach field, it can cause a lot of additional water to enter the leach field. We recommend that if you have a sprinkler system, then you should install the lines around the perimeter of the leach field.
Can tree roots affect my septic system? Yes.
What are the consequences of letting leaky toilet or running faucet go unaddressed? Unaddressed leaking toilets and/or running faucets put a strain on the system and can cause premature system failure. How do I best maintain my septic system to get the maximize longevity from it? Don't drive over; don't build on it, sprinklers, and trees.
How often should I clean my septic system? We recommend once every 2 years for households with 1-3 people and once a year for households with 4-5 people. Greater than 6 people per household, we recommend at least every 6 months. What are the consequences if I ignore regular maintenance? Overtime unmaintained systems accumulate sludge build-up that can increase the possibly of a very unpleasant backup in your home and/or total system failure. What are signs of a failing system? Back-ups into the house Over-filled septic tank Water leaching out of the ground around the absorption area Lush patches of grass around absorption area Water seepage from the inspection ports or clean-out ports What is the average life expectancy of a septic system? Depends on the type of septic system installed.
Do I need to get a permit for the installation of a new/replacement system? Yes.
Who gets the permit? The septic company.
How do I protect myself from purchasing a house with a bad or failed septic? The best way is to get a secure septic inspection by a certified contractor using your state's report and guidelines.
What are your service areas? Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, Burlington and Mercer, New Jersey.
How do I select a good septic service company? Make sure they have a HIC license (home improvement contractor) Read reviews and ask for references