Septic System Rules

Minimize the amount of solid material that goes into your septic system. If you have a garbage disposal, avoid using it as much as possible. Food preparation debris dramatically add to the solids entering your system.
Garbage Trash Bins - Septic Tank Cleaning in Jackson, NJ

Oil & Grease

Cooking oils and grease should be thrown out with the trash. Once they enter the septic system, they tend to harden and will eventually clog drain pipes and increase the need for tank cleaning.

Flushing Non-Biodegradable Goods

Non-biodegradable items must be kept out of the system, as it's not designed for these items. Remind guests not to flush cigarette butts, diapers, feminine napkins and tampons, wipes, paper towels or tissues.

Reduce Water Usage

Reducing water usage can help keep your system maintained. Follow these steps:
  • Repair Leaky Faucets, Toilets and Water Softener Systems
  • Avoid Long Showers and Full Baths
  • Install Water-Saving Shower Heads and Appliances
  • Limit Laundry Loads Washed per Day

Chemicals, Trees and the Leaching Field

Limit your chemical usage, such as drain cleaners, paints, additives and household cleaners. Keep surface water away from the leaching field with a roof discharge system and avoid installing sprinkle systems over the septic system and tanks.
Avoid compacting the leaching field. Do not build, drive over or park your car on the leaching field, as this can cause costly issues.